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Alltech Co., Ltd. is a company specializing
in Human & Custom Energy Designthat connects the nation
and the country with electric energy and opens up the possibility
of renewable energy with innovative and creative service
that makes human life more enjoyable and convenient.

Based on technologies and designs that deliver optimized renewable energy experiences in the fossil fuel era, we are leading the era of energy self-development by providing various services that break down the boundaries.

As a result, we have made great strides in overseas markets such as USA, Japan, China, Uzbekistan, Congo, Philippines, Thailand, Ghana and South Africa.

We will continue to innovate our existing paradigm and continue to challenge new challenges to
become a leader in the global center of providing more energy and receiving love and trust in a wider
market. In addition, we will grow together with our members and business partners based on the value of win-win and contribute to the sustainable development of the local community.

Thank you for your interest and support in Alltech's challenge and creation.

Alltech CEO
Jo, Soo-Yeon