Power Inverter AT-700A (12V 700W)

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AT series

Stable PWM method

Among the existing inverter drive methods, the PWM method that has been widely used is developed steadily in AC output after DC voltage input

Industrial, solar power, camping, dew point, etc.


Heat dissipation function

Unlike other products that use heaters when using inverter products, increase the heat sink content,

The heat sink is also reinforced. Secondly, by attaching a heat-dissipating fan, the life of the parts due to heat is shortened.

And minimizes the inconvenience of use.


Indicator function

You can check the operation status on the product so that you can recognize the connection status and the product status.

. It maximizes user's convenience such as remaining battery power and actual battery voltage when used.


Product Features

※ It is a breakthrough product that program controls each operating point by microcomputer circuit configuration

※ Because of the improvement of the quality, the normal output

※ When the input voltage fluctuates, stable output power is converted by converting output static pressure within 5%

※ Protect the circuit for 9 seconds up to 3 times of starting output power supply

※ I / O protection circuit automatically protects circuit protection Built-in automatic stop program

※ Designed to operate normally in low temperature and high temperature in external environment

* Stable operation when using electronic products due to AC output noise line filter

※ When the AC output short circuit


Each part name


① Output power (AC SOCKET OUT LET)

② Power switch (POWER SWITCH)

③ Overload protection lamp (OVER LOAD LAMP)

④ Power lamp (POWER LAMP)

⑤ Input power terminal (INPUT 12V or 24V TERMINAL)

⑥ High capacity heat dissipation FAN (FAN)




Model No./(AT-700A 12V)
Instant Surge 2,100W
Output Power Continuous 700W
Standby Current <400mA
Dc Input Voltage 10.5~15V
AC Output Voltage 220Vac
Regulation ±5%
Output Frequency 60Hz ± 0.05%
Efficiency >87%
DC Input Stat Voltage 11.6V ±0.5%
Low Battery Led & Alarm 11V~10.4V ±0.5%
Low Battery Alarm&Shut-Down 10.5V ±0.5%
Low Battery Return Voltage 13.5V ±0.5%
Hi Battery Alarm&Shut-Down 17V ±0.5%
Hi Battery Return Voltage 16.9V ±0.5%
Over Heating Alarm&Shut-Down >70℃
Over Heating Return Temperatuer <40℃
Over Load Shut-Down 700W ±10% (Fuse)
DC/AC Isolated Yes
AVR Design Yes
Output Short Circuit Protection Yes
Auto Temperature Control Move 45℃±0.5%
Auto Temperature Control Shut-Down 40℃±0.5%
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes (By Fuse)
Dimensions(L * W * H mm) 225 * 120 * 70
Weight 1.9kg
No Subject Name Date Grade
NO, Data
No Subject Name Date State
NO, Data

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