High efficiency digital auto charger ATC240-080-S (24V 8AH) XLR connector

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Product Features

The battery charger has a single-chip microcomputer (MCU) -controlled, four-step intelligent charging technology that accurately tracks the battery charging process and makes the battery always the best electrochemical reaction condition for extended life.
The charger input voltage range is wide and offers a variety of protection features and high reliability. The control circuit is advanced

High Frequency Transformer LLC Half-Bridge Resonance Soft switching power supply control technology adopts reasonable structure and thermal design to make charger with high efficiency, compact size, light weight and greatly improve portability.

LED lamp indication

Green LED: Fully charged or not connected.
Blue LED flashing: Battery is charging.
Red LED: Charger with protection (overtemperature protection, output overvoltage protection, cell protection).

Technical Specifications
AC Input
Nominal Input Voltage 120 VAC / 230 VAC RMS
Input Frequency 45 - 60 hz
Input Current 2.6A rms  @ 120VAC  o r  1.3A rms @ 230VAC
Power Factor >0.7
Output  Voltage( no battery) <4 V
Floating Charging Voltage 13.8V+-1%
Bulk Charging Voltage Limit 14.6V+-1%
Charging Current 10A ± 1.0A
LED Indicator Red flashing  : errors Greenifinislried
Red  : charging Charging  LED Off  : no battery
Power LED Red  : power on
Efficiency >87%
Operating Tenfiiperature -10 〜 40℃
Operating Humidity < 90 %
Storage Temperature -  40 〜70℃
Storage Humidity < 95% ( non - condensing )
Cooling Auto Fan cooling
Max Temperature rising <20℃ (on casing )
Safety Standard Meet  EN60335  /  EN61000
Hi-Pot Insulation i/ptoo/p : 150 QAC (1 imin)
  (For final unit cut - off current = 10mA)
Weight 800q
Dimensions (  L  ^  W  ^  H  ) 213 x 94 x 54 mm
Input/Output CordI Defined by user
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NO, Data
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